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Send Us Your


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The Full process

Bay Photo Accounts

To keep track of your orders and make sure we have the right info on file for payment and shipping, all photographers will need a Bay Photo account. Just click here and once you've filled out the form, you'll have a 6 digit account number that you can write on all of your film order forms. Remember to add a credit card for payment and double check that your shipping address is correct.


Good news If you've ever ordered anything with us in the past, including prints or local services: you probably already have an account with us! If you already know your account number, double check your payment and address on file at and you'll be all set to send us film. If you think you might already have an account but don't know your account number, please click here and enter your email address. If you need more assistance with figuring out your account. send us an email or give us a call. (831-475-6090)

Step 1
Meet and Greet

First time working with us? If you have any questions or just want to meet the lab that will be handling your film, send us an email or give us a call. When you're ready to send us your order, start by making sure you have an account set up at and you'll be ready to go!

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Step 4
Download & enjoy 

Once you're film has been processed and scanned, you'll receive an email from us to download your scans. If you ordered prints, those will be mailed back to you with your negatives.

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Step 3
Send us the goods

Carefully pack all of your film and order form into a box or sturdy packaging and send it to us!

Remember to write the promo code FILM25 on your order sheet for 25% off your first film processing order! 

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Step 2
Give us the details

Print and fill out an order form. Remember that you can be specific with scan preferences and we will always do our best to accommodate your special instructions!

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Using Our Order Form

Each order that you send to us needs to have a fully filled out order form packed with it. When your order form is fully complete with clear instructions, it helps your order get done more quickly because we can get to work on it right away. 

If you have rolls from separate projects, shoots, or trips, it's helpful to separate them into separate orders, each with their own order form. That way you can select different options for each order and specify any scan preferences you'd like. 

Don't have a printer? With every package that we return to you with your negative or prints, we'll include a blank order form!


Packing and Shipping Your Order

Once you've counted your rolls, filled out an order form, and are ready to send it our way, make sure to pack it securely! Never send film in a plain paper envelope. Boxes like the USPS flat rate mailers are a great option or you can reuse any other strudy cardboard box. Thick bubble mailers can also work but we recommend boxes to ensure your precious film gets to us safely. 

  • Put all of your rolls and their associated order forms into zip-top bags before they go into your shipping box. Just in case your package gets wet on its way to us, your film will be safe. 

  • Always use a courier and shipping method that provides a tracking number. Although lost packages are rare, being able to track your film is important to make sure we receive it at the lab.

  • Seal your package well. Use a little extra tape and make sure that none of the contents are loose. 

Please send all film orders to:

Bay Photo Film Team

2959 Park Ave

Soquel CA, 95073

Once We Get Your Film

Once your film arrives at the lab, it'll be opened, inspected to make sure that the roll count on your order form matches what was in the package, and we'll send you a confirmation email to let you know that we've received your order. Due to variance in timing of when we get our mail deliveries, you can expect to receive a confirmation email by the end of the following business day once we receive your film. 


If we have any questions about your order during processing or scanning, we'll reach out to you. Otherwise, when your order is complete, your account will be charged and we'll send you an email with a download link to receive your scans. If your order has negatives and/or prints to ship back to you, they'll be shipped the following business day. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How much do film services cost?

A) Pricing for all of our film services can be found on our film services page here as well as on our film order form.

Q) How long will my order take?

A) We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround time and most mail-in orders for C-41 processing are completed within 3 days of receipt at the lab. Orders with high roll counts or special instructions may impact turnaround times so if you have a specific rush, please contact us. Please note that orders with black and white or E6 slide film will see 7-9 additional days of processing time. 

Q) How is my film shipped back to me?

A) Most orders going to the contiguous 48 US states are shipped using a low price standard shipping method (most commonly USPS). Shipping to Hawaii/Alaska is billed at cost. If you have any specific questions about shipping or need your order rushed back to you, please contact us and make a note in the special instructions of your order form. 

Q) How will I receive my scans?

A) We use a file transfer service called Transfer Now to send you your files once your order is completed. You'll receive an email that has a download link that is available for 30 days from the completion of your order. Transfer Now is similar to services like Wetransfer and is an easy way to download all of your photos. If your download link has expired, please contact us to see if your files are still available to be resent to you.

Q) Can you cross process my E6 film in C41 Chemistry?

A) Yes! Just be sure to mark your rolls that need cross processing and let us know in the special instructions of your order sheet. 

Q) Can you push or pull my film?

A) Yes, just clearly mark which rolls need push/pull and how many stops and make a note in the special instructions of your order form. Please note that push/pull processing adds about a week to turnaround times. We work with a partner lab for all push/pull film orders.

Q) I have a question about sending in an order

A) We're happy to answer any questions via email or phone  (831-475-6090) before you send us your film!

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