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Whether you need digital copies of your old prints or have an antique heirloom document that needs to be digitized, we have scanning options for anything you bring in. Using a selection of state of the art equipment, we can digitize and reproduce photo prints, newspaper articles, documents, album pages, artwork, slides, negatives and more. 

Scanning Prints

There are two options for scanning prints. Up to 8.5x11 size, prints can be scanned in an automatic batch scanner that is great for large quantities or they can be hand scanned individually on a flatbed scanner. Our auto scans produce digital files that look very close your originals and are good for prints of the same size or sharing on social media. Auto scans do not have color correction or retouching included so if your photos need a little extra love, choose our custom scan service. Custom scans are done individually and include professional color correction, contrast control and some spot removing to give you beautiful files that are ready for any project.

Small Print Scan Options (up to 8.5x11")
Auto Scans

Quantity scanning of prints that don't have any special handling or retouching requirements. Great for economically digitizing old shoeboxes full of prints. Think of it as a backup in case of a house fire!

Price: $4 for 1st scan and then 0.50 each.

Standard Production Time: 2-5 Business Days

File Delivery: JPEG files delivered via web download or on customer supplied flash/hard drive

Resolution: 300dpi at size of original print

Details: Prints must be loose and not in any album pages or cardboard mounts. Sizes from 2x3" wallets to 8.5x11 

Custom Scans

Highest quality. Best for photos that need color correction or photos that will be enlarged or used for special projects. Each scan is done by hand and receives individual Photoshop improvement. 

Fragile originals require custom scans.

Price: $9 Each

Standard Production Time: 1-2 Business Days

File Delivery: JPEG files delivered via web download or on customer supplied flash/hard drive

Resolution: At least 600dpi, higher at customer request. 

Details: Mounted prints, prints stuck to glass, scans of partial pages, or other special handling is possible with custom scans. Professional color correction and limited photoshop work is included.

Large Print/Document Scanning (Beyond 8.5x11)

Scans of large originals including framed photos or documents, newspapers, collages, and more. 

Price: $16-$50 each depending on photo/document type.

Standard Production Time: 1-3 Business Days

File Delivery: JPEG (And optional .TIF) files delivered via web download or on customer supplied flash/hard drive.

Resolution: ~4500px wide on long side.

Details: Since many large photos/documents vary in the services they need, please contact us if you would like a detailed quote or more information about the process for your particular order.  

Film Scanning

At Bay Photo Lab we can scan any size or format of film you bring in to us. Using an array of the highest quality film scanners, we digitize common 35mm and 120 medium format film as well as smaller microfilm, APS, 110, or 126 and large format sheet films. Find more information about scanning already cut film below or go to our film services page for more info about other services.

Scanning of Already Developed Film

Uncut Rolls

Scans of all frames from uncut rolls of 35mm or 120 film. 

  • Low Res: $12

  • Med Res: $15

  • High Res: $20

Whole Rolls, Cut 

Scans of  all frames from a single roll of 35mm or 120 film that has already been cut into strips. 

  • Low Res: $20

  • Med Res: $25

  • High Res: $30

Individual Frames

Scanning of individual frames of 35mm or 120 film.

  • Low Res: $3

  • Med Res: $4

  • High Res: $6

Unusual film sizes, sheet film, or custom scans of individual images

We can scan single negative and positive film from 110 all the way up to 8x10. They will be custom scanned and color managed to achieve the highest quality.

Custom scan: $9  Depending on film size, scans can be printed up to 16x20

Custom scan HR: $20  We can scan film in 16 bit TIF to achieve maximum quality. Recommended for prints over 16x20. 

If you have specific requirements for very large prints or massive files then drum scanning may be a good option. Please contact us if you are interested in drum scanning services. 

Additional Restoration and Retouching

While many of our scan options include color correction and some dust spotting, many older prints and slides can use some additional restoration time to make them look perfect.

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