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Process •  Scan • Print

Process and Scan

Our most popular option. Just choose your resolution and we'll bring your photos to life with beautiful film scans.

All process and scan orders include film processing in professional chemical processors,

scans in your choice of resolution, color corrected by hand on legendary Noritsu 

scanners, and digital file delivery with negatives returned by mail. Proof prints and 

Printfile negative sleeving are also available. 

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Add Prints

For +$11/roll, add 4x6 (or 5x5 for square format) proofs to your order and have the tactile experience of holding your images in your hands. When your photos are printed, they get seen, shared, and enjoyed!​​

Process Only
Your film is processed and returned to you uncut, cut into strips of 4 in lab sleeving, or cut into strips of 5 in Printfile binder sleeving. No scans or prints included.

35mm + 120

  • C41 Color: $10

  • BW: $15

  • E6: $17

  • E6 Cross Process in C41: $12

Sheet Film (per sheet)

  • C41 Color: $10

  • BW: $11

  • E6: $12

  • E6 Cross Process in C41: $10

Scan only

For already developed film 
Great for those family photo negatives you find in an old shoebox or for getting some of your work rescanned at a higher resolution, we can scan your already-developed film in your choice of resolution. These prices apply only to film that has already been processed and does not include printing or additional services.

Full Uncut Rolls:

Scans of all frames from uncut rolls of 35mm and 120 film. 


  • Small Scans: $12

  • Medium Scans: $15

  • Large Scans: $20

Whole Rolls, Cut

Scans of all frames from a single roll of 35mm or 120 film that has already been cut into strips.

  • Small Scans: $15

  • Medium Scans: $20

  • Large Scans: $30

Individual Frames

Scans of individual frames from 35mm or 120 film.

  • Small Scan: $3

  • Medium Scan: $4

  • Large Scan: $6

Process + Small Scans

Great for test rolls or for photographers who just need files large enough to share on social media or make small prints.

  • C41 Color Film: $15

  • Black and White: $21

  • E6 Slide Film: $23

Process + Medium Scans

Our most popular option, Medium scans are perfect for general use, small to medium sized prints, and sharing online. 

  • C41 Color Film: $17

  • Black and White: $25

  • E6 Slide Film: $27

Process + Large Scans

Scans at the highest resolution offer large files for big prints, heavy cropping, and pro use. Large scans also come with 8x10 contact sheets!

  • C41 Color Film: $23

  • Black and White: $30

  • E6 Slide Film: $32

Additional Services

Proof Prints

  • Single prints $11/roll

  • Double prints $20/roll

Film Sleeving

  • Cut and sleeved in Printfile Binder Sheets $2/roll

Contact Sheet

  • 8x10 printed contact sheet $3/roll (available for 35mm film only)


Scanned By Hand

The way your film is scanned has a major effect on the final look of your photos. Our film techs are trained to use our Noritsu scanners to get the best possible results from your film. When color correcting film scans, the subject always gets priority with a focus on pleasing skin tones and a good balance of light and dark tones. If you have a particular aesthetic you are looking for or any special instructions for your roll, please let us know!


to spare

We offer 3 options for scan resolution at Bay Photo:

  • Small Scans (~1000x1500)

  • Medium Scans (~2000x3000)

  • Large Scans (~4000x6000)

We recommend Small Scans for sharing on social media, Medium Scans as a great all around option that offers higher detail and finer grain structure to print up to 8x12, and Large Scans for important projects, the highest detail, and the ability to make larger 12x18+ prints. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about scan resolution when you drop off your film.

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