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Digital Restoration

Bring your memories and faded treasures back to their full glory
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Our retouching specialists have restored many ‘lost causes’ using intricate digital restoration techniques. There is always hope for a precious memory! If you find a forgotten and faded treasure, or you have an extremely damaged original, come on in and let us advise you on what we can do. We quote on a case-by-case basis for this service. All work is done at the store in close collaboration with you.


Below are some examples of damage we see on a regular basis.

Color Restoration

Many silver halide color prints from the 60's and 70’s have faded magenta over time. Our color restoration can bring back much of the original color and make old images look new again.

Image Quality Restoration

Some images benefit greatly from brightness and contrast adjustment to reduce fading and bring back lost detail.

Full Restoration

Sometimes we are confronted with such damage that we apply a host of techniques to a project to save it. In the image above we repaired the damage first and digitally hand colored the image afterwards.

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