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Ilford HP5 Plus 400 is a medium-speed black-and-white film with moderate contrast and a wide exposure latitude that makes it a favorite for many genres of phography. Along with Kodak Tri-X 400 as one of the most popular black-and-white films, HP5+ is popular with students as well as anyone who likes the look of a classic black-and-white film. Whether it's shot at box speed, overexposed slightly, or rated at 800 or beyond, the versatility of HP5+ to produce great images in a variety of ways is one of its great strengths. 


We recommend rating HP5 Plus 400 at box speed or slightly lower. This film also takes push processing well, so we encourage photographers to try rating it at 800 or 1600 and having us push it in development.


Each roll of 35mm HP5 Plus 400 has 36 exposures.

Ilford HP5 Plus 400 35mm

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