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Cinestill 800T is a high-speed color film that is unique among the currently available color films for its combination of higher film speed and tungsten color balance. Being tungsten balanced means that Cinestill 800T is designed to create natural results when used with indoor lighting that usually shows up on other films as overly yellow-orange. This cooler color profile works perfectly indoors but can also be used to great effect outside to emphasize blues and greens as well as neutralize the yellow glow of street lamps and other light sources at night. Although it's known for its cinematic rendering of things like cityscapes and moody indoor scenes, 800T can be used to create beautiful portraits as well.


As a member of the Cinestill family of movie films that are made to be used in still cameras, highlights on Cinestill 800T can take on a red glow with a signature red haloed look around things like headlights, streetlights, and stage lights in the dark. 


We recommend rating Cinestill 800T between 400 and 800. Good results can also be achieved in brighter light by rating it as low as 200, so this is a great film to experiment with in various conditions. 


Each roll of 35mm Cinestill 800T has 36 exposures.

Cinestill 800T 35mm

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