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Better Photos With Disposable Cameras

We receive a lot of single use cameras for processing here at the lab and here are a few important tips to get the best out of them:

#1 Use The Flash!

If we could give one tip to everyone who uses a disposable camera it would be to make use of the built-in flash. Even in situations where you think you might have enough light to shoot in like a shady area outdoors or next to a window indoors, the flash will always help you get a good exposure on your subject. The flashes on most disposable cameras are rated to work best around 5-10 feet from your subjects.

#2 Hold Steady!

Since all disposable cameras only shoot with a single shutter speed (usually around 1/125 of a second) that isn't fast enough to freeze motion vary well, remember to hold the camera steady when you are lining up your shots. Using the flash will help freeze the motion in your subjects but its always good to steady your aim before you capture that beautiful landscape.

#3 Keep It Nearby!

One of the best things about disposable cameras is that they are a great way to keep a film camera with you in situations where you may not want to carry your main camera. Concerts, hikes, beach days and rowdy parties are great times to throw a disposable or two into your bag and rest assured that your Nikon is safe at home while you still capture memories on beautiful film.

One fun way to use a disposable is to always keep it in a certain purse or backpack where you can pull it out and take a few photos at a time and then when you get it processed, you'll have a little time capsule of all those moments. If you carry one for months, you may forget a few of the photos and be surprised when you get your scans back!

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